Supercharge Your Site With Blazing-Fast Hosting and On-Site Optimization

Site Assembly automatically sets your website up for success with server-side caching, page caching, built-in image compression, and no penalties for increased traffic limits.

Server Caching

Store cache on the server for faster site loading.

Site Caching

Serve pages to your visitors quicker with built-in site caching.


We'll compress your image files to ensure optimal load times.

No Penalties

Never get penalized for increased traffic or server resources.

  • Boost Your ROI

    Boost Your ROI

    The faster your website loads, the greater chance you have at boosting your return on investment and empowering yourself through higher returns. At Site Assembly, we work hard to help you reap the benefits of the money you’ve put into your WordPress site by getting more out of it.

  • Convert More Site Visitors

    Convert More Site Visitors

    If it takes more than one second for your site to become interactive, your site visitors will lose attention and may “bounce”. We’ll make sure you get more conversions by implementing proven on-site optimization techniques.

  • Become Google-Friendly

    Become Google-Friendly

    Google prefers to rank websites that load quickly! We know exactly what that means and we’ll optimize your WordPress site to ensure it plays well with the Supreme Search Engine.

What Our Clients Say

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Rhonda M.,
ACT Skin Therapy

Site Assembly has done awesome work for me. Not only did they build my website, they also maintain it, allowing me to do more with my business.

Lindsey R,

After working with many website companies, I've by far had the best experience with Site Assembly. They've exceeded my expectations in web design and created an easy-to-use website for our business. I would recommend Site Assembly to anyone in need of website assistance.

Pearl C.,
Women’s Successful Living

Site Assembly listens to my needs. They’re so patient and they make suggestions on how to improve my website. Don’t miss out! Hire Site Assembly.

Dan G,

Of all the agencies I’ve worked with, Site Assembly are the only ones that have always delivered on time, under budget, and been highly communicative.

Sandy L,
Sandy Lee coaching

I have not had this experience anywhere else. The communication and response time is AMAZING!

Rick M,
Znergy, Inc.

Site Assembly has been our webmaster for years and they’ve always been very responsive and reasonably priced. Can’t say enough good things about their work and I highly recommend.

Diana N,
Angels & Friends

Site Assembly is superb when it comes to communication and is always available to address my questions and offer solutions. They are a great partner to have on your side for hosting and website management, too. Highly recommended!

Stephanie R,
The Sea Salt Co.

Excellent customer service. My website is up and running. I really appreciate that I can easily reach out them for assistance.

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