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Site Assembly is a technology consultancy and development agency founded by Daniel Devereux in 2015. Based in Sarasota, FL, Site Assembly is now a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses worldwide. Site Assembly specializes in WordPress development and infrastructure optimization, utilizing a combination of available technologies and digital intuition to design and develop websites, web applications, and digital systems for businesses in five core industries.

Health & WellnessEntertainmentFood & HospitalityCommoditiesTransportation

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A Culture Built On Trust

"And this is what he promised us—eternal life." - 1 John 2:25

At Site Assembly, our culture is built on the philosophy known as “Kingdom building”. We believe everything we do and say will carry over into eternity. How we treat people. How we respond to adversity. How we lead others. This is our driving force. Trust, transparency, kindness, and perseverance prevail because the people we hire believe these things matter.

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Our Location

Site Assembly operates out of our Sarasota, FL headquarters, a shared office space located in the historic downtown Palm Towers. However, as a remote-first employer, our team may be writing code, meeting clients, and strategizing anywhere in the world. Our core focus is on the happiness and efficacy of our team members. We allow them the flexibility they need to perform optimally. If you’re passionate about technology, people, or learning new things, apply to Site Assembly today!

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Our Leadership

Our Leaders are driven by our mission: Build
technology that makes the world a better place.


Daniel Devereux

CTO and Founder

Daniel is a tech evangelist, foodie, and dedicated family man. Daniel believes in the use of technology to connect people securely, market business ethically, and share information openly. At Site Assembly, Daniel oversees day-to-day operations. When not at the office, Daniel attends church, spends time with family, reads non-fiction books, plays the guitar, and travels.


Courtney Devereux

VP of Marketing

Courtney is a psychology major passionate about people. As the VP of Marketing at Site Assembly, Courtney works with all teams to develop proven marketing strategies, long-lasting relationships, and multi-channel campaigns. When not at the office, Courtney enjoys spending time with family, making clay jewelry, traveling the world, photography, hosting parties, and playing Bocci ball.


Aaron Topare

Director of Development

Aaron spearheads our International DevOps and Web Development teams with employees in England, Australia, and India. Managing teams across multiple time zones takes a certain level of dedication and expertise, along with a keen sense of workflow optimization. Outside of work, Aaron enjoys reading, hiking in nature, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

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