Hire Site Assembly For All Your WordPress Security Needs

Site Assembly provides round-the-clock security for your WordPress website. Our security experts span 3 continents and include server- and site-side specialists who use the latest technologies to monitor and secure your website, protecting it against malicious attacks and active threats, and resolving security vulnerabilities.

Stop Live Threats

Stop live threats before they penetrate your website. We'll use a combination of IP blockers, site and server firewalls, and active site monitoring to ensure your WordPress website stays secure round-the-clock.

Protect Your Information

Your digital information is constantly at risk. Our Security Experts ensure all of your website's information is secure and protected against vulnerabilities and bad actors who may want to steal it.

Get Instant Updates

Get peace of mind with instant access to a team of WordPress security experts who will manage your plugin and theme updates, provide weekly security reports, and stay readily available to answer all your security-related questions and urgent needs.

  • Get Ultimate Peace of Mind

    Get Ultimate Peace of Mind

    Today, thousands of WordPress websites will be targeted by hackers, and thousands more will become infected with malware and other malignant software that aims to steal your user’s information, profit off of your lack of knowledge, and take down your business. Get ultimate peace of mind with a full-time WordPress security team that’s always staying on top of your website’s security.

  • Rely On Top WP Security Experts

    Rely On Top WP Security Experts

    Not every agency are security experts. Most WordPress agencies do the bare minimum when it comes to WordPress security. Don’t risk it! Hire Site Assembly today to ensure your website stays secure at all times. Our WP Site Management Plans include built-in server and website security measures using the latest technologies and continuous monitoring.

  • Increase Online Trust

    Increase Online Trust

    If your website is secure, your business seems trustworthy. Patrons are becoming ever more savvy to online scams, vulnerabilities, and fraud attempts. They’ll lose trust instantly if they know their information was stolen or used maliciously. Reduce this risk and increase your online trust using proven security measures from top to bottom.

What Our Clients Say

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Rhonda M.,
ACT Skin Therapy

Site Assembly has done awesome work for me. Not only did they build my website, they also maintain it, allowing me to do more with my business.

Lindsey R,

After working with many website companies, I've by far had the best experience with Site Assembly. They've exceeded my expectations in web design and created an easy-to-use website for our business. I would recommend Site Assembly to anyone in need of website assistance.

Pearl C.,
Women’s Successful Living

Site Assembly listens to my needs. They’re so patient and they make suggestions on how to improve my website. Don’t miss out! Hire Site Assembly.

Dan G,

Of all the agencies I’ve worked with, Site Assembly are the only ones that have always delivered on time, under budget, and been highly communicative.

Sandy L,
Sandy Lee coaching

I have not had this experience anywhere else. The communication and response time is AMAZING!

Rick M,
Znergy, Inc.

Site Assembly has been our webmaster for years and they’ve always been very responsive and reasonably priced. Can’t say enough good things about their work and I highly recommend.

Diana N,
Angels & Friends

Site Assembly is superb when it comes to communication and is always available to address my questions and offer solutions. They are a great partner to have on your side for hosting and website management, too. Highly recommended!

Stephanie R,
The Sea Salt Co.

Excellent customer service. My website is up and running. I really appreciate that I can easily reach out them for assistance.

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